Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wedding Photograpy.. How to Get the Best

After the last dance, and the last bite of wedding cake has been eaten, and the wedding flowers are gone, you will still have your wedding pictures.You have contracted the perfect wedding photographer and now you want to maximize his or her potential. Roses Are Red Events talked with wedding photographers from
The Metropolitan Gallery Of Photography to get great tips for beautiful wedding pictures.

Take Romantic Wedding Pictures before the Ceremony
 Many brides prefer not to see their grooms before the ceremony, for fear of spoiling "the first look"   
 moment. A good photographer can visualize the shot when your groom sees you in your wedding dress
 for "the first look" moment  and choose the very best  location from which to capture this amazing moment.
 Romantic shots that are taken early ,before the wedding, will give a more relaxed and fresh look, after you have dressed and had hair and makeup done.

The Shot List
It's good for your wedding photographer to have a short list of must have family photos before,so these important shots can be planned in advance.Take advantage of all of your family in the same place and get 
a generation shot.

Give Yourself Time
 Pad your wedding timeline, unforeseen occurrences can happen, on wedding day time flies!A good wedding photographer will not rush if they have enough time to get key shots.Start hair and makeup an 
hour before you think you should ( this is a time stealer for the day) and add extra pockets of time

To View more great photos see The Metropolitan Gallery of Photography

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Bridesmaids Wedding Flowers

Bridesmaids Wedding Flowers    
Do you need ideas for your wedding colors? Bridesmaids wedding flowers should pop! The more color the more fun. Check out our latest  video!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wedding Bouquet Styles

Finding your wedding florist is one thing, selecting your wedding flowers is another. The wedding dress might be the focal point, but don't forget about its sidekick,your bridal bouquet.What is your style? What will complement your dress and the overall look and feel of the wedding?

Cascade- Flowers and greenery gracefully spill downward along the front of the gown

Composite A handmade creation in which different petals or buds are wired together on a single stem, creating the illusion of one large flower.

 Hand-tied A round densely packed burst of flowers can be a uniform look or a messy round with stems showing or ribbon wrapped

Pomander  Known by its other name Flower Balls, bloom-covered ball suspended from ribbon perfect for children or aisle decor

Whatever your wedding flower style, wear it well!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Wedding Engagement

He asked and you said YES!  Now what? Let the wedding planning, wedding dresses, and wedding flowers!!!! Begin. You might feel   a sea of emotions and mesmerized by the blinding bling you might begin to feel a little over whelmed at thought of becoming a Bride, and the idea of what to do first. The first thing to consider is how long the engagement will be. Engagements can last between six months, to a year and a half. You and your fiance might need to keep in mind these factors                                             
  • Wedding Date
  • Time needed to prepare
  • Budget
  • Family Obligations
Start spreading the news. Share the news with both sets of parents first, if possible in person or over the phone. Although we live in the technology age resist the urge to shoot them an email, this method is a bit impersonal. If there are any children from a previous marriage, they should be told first. You may then choose any method of announcing your engagement that suite the both of you. Please use caution when making the big announcement if:
  • Recently widowed
  • Recently divorced
  • Having doubts
There is no need to start a beautiful union,    with gossip and drama, (save the drama for your Momma).
Shout it on the mountain tops, tree tops, and roof tops but make sure your love is tops!

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Wedding Flowers - The Ceremony Stretch your Budget

The ceremony is the most important aspect of your wedding day,  however it is usually the shortest .Spending a large portion of your floral budget on a space where a limited amount of time is spent, might seem like a waste. I  want the wedding ceremony to be breathe taking, you may think, but how can I stretch my floral budget?   

 If you are marrying in a house of worship, it is a good idea to check with your officiant ,to find out what types of floral decorations are allowed before ordering ceremony flowers.Some houses of worship expect the ceremony flowers to be left there after the ceremony is over, as a donation to be used in their services.Remember some houses of worship can be ornate and large, so they can easily swallow modest floral arrangements.Elaborate wedding flowers can also be distracting from the most important element, you.

If you are marrying in a nondenominational ceremony in a banquet hall, or other space that might need a little help there are some cost saving ideas the you can incorporate:
  • Re purpose-  Tall reception centerpieces can be placed on pedestals/columns at the front, back and center of the aisle 
  • Pew ends(every two or three rows for cost-effectiveness) can double as chair-back decorations
  • A Blooming arch can be reused over the sweetheart table at the reception
  • Use potted flowers, ferns, or palms
  • Fresh petals on an aisle runner will add a splash of color
  Try to visit the ceremony space with your wedding florist,they should be able to suggest the best post spots to display floral arrangements and decor.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wedding Boutonnieres

Pink Calla Lily Bear
orchid and carnation
It might seem like a minor detail, but the bloom for your Groom is very important. This small but, VIP player in the wedding will be seen in the majority of photos and will also continue to carry out the overall look and feel of the wedding.Consider these factors when selecting wedding boutonnieres:

  • Make IT Last
  1. If you are getting married during the hot summer months, the flower selected needs to hold up to the summer heat. Ask your wedding florist for blooms that will not wilt
  2. You might want to order an extra boutonniere for your Groom, so it will look fresh in all of the pictures, because it needs to stand up threw all of the hugs
  • Be Daring 
     Break the tradition and select wedding boutonnieres that are non floral ; berries, beer hops,
     computer chips, wire,small branches, buttons
  • Be Cost Effective
  1. Contain your list of boutonnieres to key players, best man, groomsmen, FOB(father of the bride),FOG (father of the groom), grandfathers, ring bearer or brothers of the bride or groom
  2. Draw the line unless someone is performing a specific role(readings, poem, etc)
  • Be Romantic
  1. The groom often wears a flower found in your bouquet
  2. Present your groom's boutonniere to him and pin it on for him as a surprise (and a great photo opt)
Boutonnieres are generally worn on the left of the lapel. While they may seem like a minor detail, just remember, details will make it  your wedding.

Dyed Billy Balls wrapped in yellow yarn

Friday, December 2, 2011